Translating walls, windows, scaffolds and structures on a small scale, Bita and Rouzita design accessories as though they are miniature buildings.  They draw latitudinal and longitudinal sections through each object and look at the skin/structure as walls that make up the form, in some places filled in and others open windows to expose the inner layers.  Like buildings, they pay as much attention to the interior of the bags as the exterior, addressing every detail and ensuring the quality of materials is consistent throughout.  Their new patented fabric, a "New Exotic," treats the skin as structure, while giving each style a subtle shimmer that refracts light like a precious jewel. 

Within its first year, ITA Collection was awarded and recognized by the fashion industry with the prestigious 2012 InStyle Magazine IHDA Award.  They were one of over 1,000 international entrants being judged by some of the fashion industry's renowned experts including Kenneth Cole, Deborah Lloyd, InStyle Magazine, Saks Fifth Avenue and the CFDA.  By 2013, they were selected as the International Handbag Designers of the Year by Miami Fashion Week, helping to garner more global attention with online sales reaching beyond the US to Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  In 2014, ITA Collection won the top prize for the Design Entrepreneurs NYC Program awarded by the Fashion Institute of Technology and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.  Their collection continues to be carried by style icons and celebrities both on and off the red carpet.  

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